Star Control: Classic

Explore strange new worlds, encounter strange new aliens, and try not to get you and your crew killed

The classic series that started it all. Star Control 1 and 2, known unofficially as "Tales of the Ur-Quan Conflict" was designed by Paul Reiche and Fred Ford. Star Control 2 was released in November 1992. Star Control 3, referred here as "The Kessari Quadrant" was designed by George MacDonald and Michael Lindner and released in 1996. Each story arc takes place in its own universe with its own history but are consistent in centering the story around the Earthling Captain and his adventures in exploring the galaxy, meeting aliens, fighting awesome space battles and visiting strange new worlds.

Star Control: The Ur-Quan Conflict
Star Control 1 & 2

The Alliance of Free Stars is fighting a desperate war... and losing.

It is the early 22nd century and The Earthlings have joined the Alliance of Free Stars in a galaxy-spanning war against the malevolent Ur-Quan Hierarchy. The Ur-Quan's cousins, the Kohr-Ah look to ensure that the humans share the same fate as all who oppose their rule. Only you, The Captain, can save Earth and its allies from certain annihilation.

Star Control: The Kessari Quadrant
Star Control 3

The fate of a thousand worlds is in your hands.

In the distant future, hyperspace has collapsed stranding the space faring races. You are The Captain and must unravel the mystery behind this calamity. In doing so, you will encounter a new and terrible adversary.


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